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KS950 Speed Displacement Calibration Tester

KS950 displacement speed calibration tester is designed and developed by Jinan Kaisi Technology Co., Ltd which is based on the "JJG 475-2008 Electronic Universal Testing Machine Verification Regulations" (implemented on December 12th, 2008). It is mainly for the electronic universal test machine and hydraulic universal test machine. The test machine performs the verification of speed and displacement. The main identification items are: 7.2.3 Inspection of the moving speed of the beam, 7.2.4 Identification of the relative displacement indication error of the beam. It is the first speed displacement tester for electronic universal testing machine in China. This instrument is a patented product of KAISI. It is composed of KS10A draw wire displacement sensor and KS950 speed displacement double digital display meter. KS10A draw wire displacement sensor is the world's first product which complete eliminates the winding error and swing angle error, achieving high resolution, high linearity and large stroke in total travel. The KS950 display meter features high acquisition rate and high stability.

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Technical Data

Steel Rope

0.6mm diameter stainless steel rope with plastic coated

Pulling Speed

100mm/s (Max)

Measurement Stroke




Speed Range



displacement and speed seven segment code double display



Power Supply

220V AC

Rotary Encoder

imported brand

Working Temperature  


Development Base

JJG 475-2008 Electronic Universal Testing Machine Verification Regulations(implemented on December 12th, 2008)

Applicable Situation

speed and displacement test of the electronic universal test machine and hydraulic universal test machine

Measurement Range

3%-100% of the full travel(measurement starts from the rope at least 50mm pulling out)


   The wire displacement sensor is a precision instrument. It is strictly prohibited to knock, hit or collide during installation. Improper installation and use will affect the performance and service life of the sensor. The magnetic bottom balance block should be installed firmly, and the slider should be strong under the magnetic action. The operation should be stable, prevent the slider from coming off, and directly recover.

   There are two screw fixing holes at the bottom. And this makes it can directly install or add other accessories according to the needs of the site and the installation space of the machine. When installing the outlet head, make sure that is vertical to the outlet, that is, try to make the wire rope perpendicular to the outlet, keep it to a minimum angle (≤3°) to ensure measurement accuracy and steel rope life.

   The surface of the wire rope should not be subjected to improper cutting, burning, impact etc., otherwise it will affect the life of it, and resulting in uneven surface of the wire and not stable movement of the wire from outlet.

   Please not pull the wire rope by hand or other objects and let it bounce back. This will likely cause the wire rope to break and damage the structure of the instrument body.

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