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KS120FB Explosion-proof Draw Wire Position Sensor

  KS120FB series rope displacement sensor (hereinafter referred to as sensor) is mainly used in the explosive gas environment of Zone 1 and 2, IIA, IIB, IIC, T1 to T6, and the DC24V cable is used to measure the displacement of the rope by pulse signal.

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The sensor works reliably under the following conditions

(1) The altitude does not exceed 2000m

(2) Operating environment temperature is -20 ~ +40 ° C

(3) The relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 98% (when the temperature is at +25 ° C)

(4) Applicable to the explosive gas environment of Zone 1 and 2, Groups IIA, IIB and IIC, T1 to T6

(5) The installation slope with the vertical plane is not more than 5°

(6) Where there is no significant shaking or shock vibration

(7) A place that prevents dripping and other liquids from entering

(8) Pollution level 3

(9) Installation category II.


1. As draw wire position sensor is high precision instrument, please no knocking when install, otherwise it will influence the quality and service life.                          2. Make sure the connection is absolutely right, otherwise it will destroy the inner electric circuit.

3. Make sure the signal output and power supply cable is separated, also it is not suitable to use aside the distribution board.

4. Make sure the pulling end is vertical to the outlet, and keep the angle degree no more than 3°.

5. Make sure the distance and measurement stroke is no more than the measurement range of sensor from fixed pulling end to the 

initial position of movement components.

6. As it will break the wire and sensor itself, please do not let go the rope when it is pulled out by hand or machine.

7. Make sure the steel rope not destroyed by outside force.

8. Please insult KAISI protection outlet and housing, if working environment is outdoor or too bad(have dust or water).

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